Tiny Projects

Hello, I'm Ben. I'm a full stack developer and entrepreneur who's started an ice cream business and cookie dough business amongst other things.

Probably like you, I'm that person who is constantly coming up with lots of little project ideas. Whether that be ideas for apps, websites, games, businesses; whatever. I have them all stored on a list in my phone, and I know you probably have one of those lists too.

The problem is I never seem to get round to completing them, or even starting them for that matter. The list just grows bigger and bigger.

Not completing any of these ideas comes with a few problems:

The goal of this website is to try and explore as many of these ideas as I can. I'm not one for new year's resolutions, but I do seem to get into a habit of setting goals around my birthday. I turned 25 on May 17th 2020, and my goal for my 25th year on earth is to try at least one of these tiny project ideas every few months and see what happens. If they can make some money too, that'd be great.

You can check up on my progress on my projects page.